Friday, January 29, 2010

I envy you....

I get a letter in today's mail from our insurance company. It was a "friendly" reminder that Venti's birthday was soon approaching (April) and to remind us that since he will be turning 22, he will no longer have health care coverage! I did not know this! I did google it and this is what I found:

Parents need to be aware of the date when their health insurance coverage stops for family members. Usually when a child turns 22, marries, or joins the military, the health insurance company will stop coverage.

Venti doesn't graduate until May and will probably start working sometime after that which means he won't have health insurance for a couple of months! Guess I'll cross my fingers that he stays healthy!

So its Friday night and its just me and Tall home. Joe is working, Venti is at college, Grande went to the mall and Short went to his friends house! Going from having a houseful to just one child feels really strange. I can actually here things in the house that I didn't hear before. Tall came home from school and took a nap...that was 3 hours my dinner consisted of a bowl of Frosted Flakes! I sure hope Joe is hungry when he get home cause I'm going to need a big snack! We always have something to eat when he gets home which is bad because we are eating at 10pm. We usually have ice cream, a piece of cake, cookies, etc...I know...very unhealthy!

I should be working on my taxes or something but I just don't feel like it. I found out today that my job might be changing in the next couple of months to something that I do not like. Wish I was able to be a "stay at home mom"....being a mom is the greatest job in the world and I'd love to be able to do that. I'm sure alot of people feel the same way, so for all you Mom's that are able to do that, I envy you!!

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  1. We made tremendous sacrifices for me to be a SAHM, but we're not sorry. Your post was written nearly a year ago, hope you are able to enjoy your job by now. *hugs*k


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