Friday, January 8, 2010

Wedding Dress Shopping

So my oldest son is engaged to married this October. Yes...he is too young! Believe me we have had lengthy conversations regarding this with him and the answer he keeps giving us is..."well you guys married young" yes we did but I did not have student loans and was not just fresh out of college. He will be graduating in May and getting married in October...sigh...getting married in the 80's was something young people did. I was not fact we waited 2 years to have Venti. We just wanted to get married! Lets just cross our fingers that they wait several year to have kids! I am not ready to be a Gammy...yes Gammy...not Granny! lol..sounds younger!

So anyhow, last night my future daughter-in-law (I'll call her Mocha) invited me to go along with her and her mom and sister to look for wedding dresses! I was so excited because well having 4 sons probably won't get me wedding dress shopping too often! So we get there and she picks out 4 gowns...she walks out in the first dress and I'm telling you it was like a halo around her...she looked liked something out of a fairytale! Gorgeous!! We all loved it! She proceeded to try on the other and nothing compared. While she was trying on the other 3, one of the employees took the dress for another bride to try on! Well that didn't go over to well because Mocha saw this and wanted "her" dress back! The other bride took her time with the dress and clearly was enjoying Mocha shooting her dagger eyes! Well she finally took it off and Mocha put it on....she then said, "YES" to the dress!! Yeah!! First one she tried on! Turns out that the other bride liked it too and ended up purchasing it as well! So I finally get myself in a bridal store and enjoy seeing her trying on dresses and she ends up selecting one on the very first dress!!

I guess the next time I'll be in a bridal store is when I go dress shopping for a "Mother of the Groom" dress....oh god...I'm too young for that!!!

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