Sunday, May 12, 2013

She's Pregnant!!!

Hello Hello Hello!!!

I have missed all of you!  What have I been up to?  I will tell you what I have been up photos!  A big surprise at the end!

Our house is still for sale.  :(
Our new kitty Maya! A European Burmese all the way from Seattle Washington!
My Birthday Celebration!

Poor Short was in the hospital with a Kidney Stone!!  Too young for that!!

Our new house!

I'm going to be a Nonni!!!  December 14, 2013!!


  1. Congratulations on the new baby. So happy for you.

  2. Congratulations!!! I'm so excited for y'all!

  3. Congratulations. So happy for you. Marty and I just became Mimi and Poppy three months ago.

  4. Wow! How exciting is that going to be!!!!!

  5. Awww congrats! I have a 5 yr old and a 2 week old grand babies. Welcome to the club!


  6. I was clicking through my awards and badges.. and had to stop and see where my pink t shirt came from.. I had forgotten about this..

  7. congrats on the new things in the new kitty, didn't know you had a wiemerarner they are such hams of dogs hehe...happy belated bday....

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  9. Hi sweet friend! I haven't blogged much this year, but decided to try it again. I was surprised to see you haven't been blogging either. I hope all is well and that you'll come back too.

    BTW...congrats on your news!!!!!


  10. Congratulations on the house AND the baby!!! That is so exciting!

  11. Congratulation on your status. Hope you house closed and you are doing well.

  12. Wow, so great to find your blog today! And congrats on all the big news. I hope you have a safe and happy pregnancy. You are so beautiful! Great profile photo.

    I'll be back to read more when time permits. Hope you'll stop by and check out my blog too, along with my upcoming free cookbook promo, happening this weekend.

    Hugs, G

    PS: Mr. Cheddar and I both LOVED your kitties!!!

  13. How exciting! And I love your photos. I'm going to Pin the one of the two darling cats (I have a Feline Friends board on Pinterest). Hope this was Short's first AND last kidney stone -- no fun!

  14. Java! It's time for another update! We want to hear about Mocha's baby!!!!!


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