Saturday, December 29, 2012

Not a trace!!!

There is not a trace of Christmas left in my house!!  The tree was put away this morning right along with all the decorations around the house.  I know some of you think that is terrible but for me it is a relief!  I like when things are back to normal and it seems like so much clutter is around with all the decorations!  I went through the 10 bins of decorations in the basement too and I have 5 huge bags of donations to get rid of.  Whew!!

We had a really great Christmas! 

Grande, Short and Tall coming down to see what Santa left!

Grande and Tall with their new hats to keep them warm at college!

This was Tall's favorite gift!  He was always complaining how cold he is at school and he said he can't wait to wear them at college!  lol...only Tall!!

Dinner at my parents house...3 of my boys with 3 of my nephews!

Venti and Mocha with their Christmas pants!!

This is my whole family!  My parents are on the couch in the middle (Mom has a green shirt on and Dad is in Maroon)....My older sister is beside my Mom with her hubby and my younger sister is in the black shirt and her hubby is on the end of the couch.  Joe and I are on the right side of the couh with Venti and Mocha behind us. My boys are in front of us and then all my nephews and 1 niece!

Short, Venti, Tall and Grande!!

I have 4 days off which I am thoroughly enjoying!  We got 5 inches of snow today so it was a good day to stay home and undecorate!  I'm not sure what we are doing New Year's Eve as we were invited to a party by a friend of ours a couple of weeks ago but she hasn't mentioned it since!  Hummmm....if so then we will just go out to eat and then spend a quiet night at home!

I am hoping that once the holidays are over that our house will sell!  We had several showings in December and all of them loved the house but for some reason or another they didn't buy it.  One of them had a boat and needed a flat driveway which ours isn't.  The right one will come along soon I hope!!

If I don't have a chance to post again before New Year's I want to wish everyone a safe and happy one and here's to 2013!!!


  1. Happy 2013 to you! And fingers crossed for the house sale, but then, all that packing...

  2. and Happy New Year to you too!
    I hate putting away the decorations, cos it seems such a long time till they'll be out again (though one year some of ours never made it back up to the attic, lol!
    Best of luck with your house sale, the right buyer will come at the right time.

  3. What great photos, (and memories) love the onsie pj's. Reminds me to take mine down soon. Have a wonderful New Year and good luck with the sale.

  4. Your pictures are great! Thanks for sharing your holiday. :-)

  5. So glad your were able to enjoy your family over the holidays.

  6. Looks like a very Merry Christmas at your home surrounded by loved ones. I apologize, it's been a while since I stopped by for a visit. Wishing you a very happy new year filled with only good things. Hugs!


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