Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Job Update and a Tuesday Tip!!!

Happy Tuesday!  I am heading out the door for my second day of work!!

Yesterday went GREAT!  Two other girls started the same day so it was really nice to have 2 others in the same boat as me!  I'm not the only "new" girl!  They are both really nice as well as everyone else that I met.  There are only 13 in our department so I don't have too many names to remember!  I didn't do very much...in fact I was BORED!  Our boss said she "hopes" to have more work for us tomorrow.  I wish they would just start training us already so I can start learning and the day will go faster and I could get into the daily routine of what I'm going to be doing.   I wasn't nervous at all and knew I made the right decision even before I got there!   I'll keep you posted!  Thank you all again for all the good luck wishes!!!

Tuesday Tips!!

Is Your Laundry Making You Sick?

Empty the washer ASAP!!!

Why?  Protect against germs!! 

Bacteria flourish in wet areas, so take clothes out within 30 minutes of a completed cycle; if they sit for an hour, rewash the load. But wouldn’t just-laundered clothes be germ free, you wonder? Not necessarily.  These days, many people are trying to save energy and money by washing with cold water, but harmful bacteria can easily survive in it.   Research shows 25% of home washing machines contain fecal bacteria. Although the strains of E. coli found were fairly harmless, their presence alone indicates that bacteria and viruses can linger on laundry.

Use hot water to kill germs, but cold is better for energy bills—and the planet. To help protect your family, don’t overload the washer, so detergent can penetrate all the fabric; and wash your hands after removing wet clothes so you don’t spread lingering germs. The dryer’s heat will kill most of the remaining bugs.

Wash undies alone!!

Why?   Protect against germs!
Not surprisingly, the primary source of fecal bacteria in a washer is underwear. It’s best to do underwear in a separate cycle, with hot water and regular or color-safe bleach. And once a week, run an empty cycle with only a cup of bleach. That prevents bacteria from hanging out in the drum.

Air out your washer!!

Why? Reduce allergens!

Mold spores are always present in the air to some degree, but when they find a wet surface (say, the inside of a washer), they can settle in and multiply. Exposure to mold can cause congestion, itchy eyes, and wheezing; if you’re asthmatic or allergic, they can trigger an attack. To prevent mold from growing in your machine and then transferring to your clothes, when you finish your laundry, prop the door open to air it out and dry off any. Be extra diligent with front loaders—they use rubber gaskets to seal the water inside, and mold often grows on it.


  1. These are great tips. So glad you are so happy at your new job. Sounds like you made the right decision.

  2. So glad your first day on the new job went well!

  3. Congrats on the job! I hope it gets busier for you.

  4. great news about the job and wonderful tips

  5. So happy to hear you the 1st day went great... I was thinking about you!

  6. So pleased to hear your new job is going well, have a lovely week Java x

  7. Yay! Congrats on the new job and day 2! So glad that you feel comfortable and welcome there, that makes such a huge difference! Thanx for the germ tips too!

  8. Congratulations on the job. Have a great week!

  9. Glad to hear the first day went well.. I'm going to remember that post and remind you of it when you're knee deep in work at your desk! Great tips on the laundry... Laundry is a post that I'm going to be writing about myself and my anal ways of how I do laundry.. lol..

  10. Glad all went well on the first day.
    Ugh re laundry, hate it. Have to dash now to empty washer, from yesterday!

  11. I'm so glad your first day went well, even if it was a little boring.

  12. glad the job is going well . once trained you might not get bored. tips about the laundry are very good take care rose

  13. I hate to smell clothes that are left too long in a washer so I always get mine out quickly.


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