Monday, February 14, 2011


For all those that did/are having trouble with the linky for the Meet Me On Monday meme, the website is having major problems.  I sent him an email and this was his response:

I’m VERY sorry.. I’m having significant troubles with my hosting provider.. this “upgrade” has had nothing but problems and I’m REALLY stressed out over it. I’m working as hard and fast as I can to actually roll back the upgrade to get the site working again, and give me time to figure out what to do longterm. I got bad advice from my hosting company and like the waiter who shows up with burnt food, I’m getting the fallout for what the cooks have done.

 I apologize as well because everyone was having trouble linking up.  There is obviously nothing I can do but I do feel bad and I have been trying to log in to fix those that had trouble linking up but I too haven't been able to access the site.  Hopefully they will get this fixed so we can get back to having fun!! 


  1. Haha, at least they're

    1) Honest, and
    2) Replying in a timely manner.

    Still sad though.

  2. I think we could cut him a little slack and give them time to straighten things out.
    Mr. Linky was provided free of charge for a very long time and thousands of people have enjoyed the free service.
    Now that he has asked for a little compensation for his time and efforts a lot of people are getting all bent about it. I think that is sad and, frankly ungrateful.
    Perhaps we should just chill a little bit. You know we'll all hang around to enjoy the blog hops and make new friends.

  3. OH? So I wasn't having a 'hot flash' when I couldn't link up afterall! LOL! I agree, let's give Mr. Linky some time to figure it all out..

  4. hi java- i'm already following you! I am loving your over 40 blog list. I am randomly following those bloggers to find more bloggers in my "demographic." Thanks for the opportunity to meet and find new followers.


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