Friday, July 2, 2010

Follow Friday 40 and Over!!

Welcome to the 6th edition of the  
Follow Friday 40 and Over!!

Are you a blogger over 40? Yeah, welcome to the club!

Please join in the fun and get to know your fellow bloggers!!

We are happy to announce this week I have Lisa who has 2 awesome blogs
Lisa's Gluten-Free Advice and Healthy Living and Mom's Misc Adventures is hosting with me!!

Lisa's Gluten-Free Advice and Healthy Living
Mom's Misc AdventuresPlease hop on over there to join in on another fun way to meet new bloggers and to make new friends. She has an awesome blog and I know you'll have fun over there!

The RULES to join in are very simple!

1. Grab the button
2. Add your link to the list
3. Visit as many other blogs as you can
4. Follow the ones you like (and comment on their blog to say that you are following)

NOTE:  PLEASE leave your blog address when you leave a comment!!  I have had several people wanting to follow back but the blogger can't always be found through the google info page!!

This list is new each week. The links do not carry over. Please link up  each week for new participants to find your blogs. It will be visible all week to visit  the blogs listed.

While you are here, make sure you check out the
Over 40 Blogger List!!

Be sure to join if you haven't already!



  1. Well, I'm not over 40, but I am visiting from New Friend Fridays. I just wanted to say that I love your blog! The design is beautiful! :-)

  2. Hello Java, I'm here for week 6.

  3. Hi Java!

    Boy it seems I've been out of the loop for so long and I was only gone a week. Well then needed another week to catch up on everything.

    I hope you are well!


  4. Thank you for hosting this event! I am your newest follower! I have added your button over at my Facebook Friday Follow!

  5. Wonderful community of bloggers to be a part of! Thanks for the Blog Hop and the opportunity to be listed with other Over 40 Bloggers. I'm proud to say that I'm 52 and blogging. I've added the button for both the Blog Hop and the Over 40 Bloggers to my blog at

    Looking forward to a long associaton.

  6. Found you on Friday Follow. Great Blog! I'm your newest follower.


  7. Hi. This is my 1st week as a 40 year old. haha. I'll stop by all of your blogs later on.

  8. I picked up your over 40 blogger button. Thanks for organizing all this.

  9. Good morning! Hope to meet some new blogs and see some that I already know. If you haven't been to my blog don't be too shocked..its pretty random and I always do music videos on Friday...and...well...lets have some fun!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  10. I love that you host this event. It's such a great way to meet new blogger friends!

  11. This is my first week playing along over on my Everyday Mommy blog! (I have 2 blogs so I thought I'd clarify before everyone hops on over to the other one, where you are also invited but I'm not linking up this week!)

    Really looking forward to meeting fellow bloggers around my age!! Thanks for a fun hop!

  12. Good afternoon Jave, here to join in another week of your wonderful blog hop.
    I hope you and yours have a blessed and wonderful Independence weekend. Take care and God Bless!!!

  13. The list is growing Java - great idea for a follow and link-up. Wishing yo a wonderful 4th of July weekend.

  14. I'm late getting here today. I was running from the moment I woke up today and I had a hair appointment. But I'm here lol

  15. It has been fun co-hosting with you this week.
    Have a fun and safe 4th of July.
    Take Care.

  16. I'm joining the event. Thanks for hosting.

  17. Hi! Found you through NFF - I'm not quite blogging over 40 yet, but I think you have a great attitude and you are confident and beautiful - all good combinations!

  18. Hi Java!
    Hope your vacation was relaxing and fun!
    I agree with a lot of what everyone else here has said - with one exception.
    I overheard a piece of advice once - during another wedding. While it IS supposed to be all about the bride and groom (it is their day, after all) the mothers of the bride and groom have every right to look gorgeous and "shine" in their own right - however, that being said, I think there is a way for the mother of the groom to absolutely GLOW and exude something you'll WANT others to remember...just how CLASSY the mother of the groom was/is! With your natural beauty, don't forget that sometimes "quiet" or simple, elegance and classy designs get even more attention than others. AND - it's how YOU, personally, carry the dress. I don't think you'll have any problem in that department!!! With you carriage, your style and radiance, you don't need a dress that's over the top, with lots and lots of're beautiful as you are. Good luck!!!!!


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