Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Wedding Update!

In case you missed it, you can read part 1 of Debi Scissorhands HERE and part 2 HERE.

As of last week, I had not heard from Debi Scissorhands and I was getting worried because 43 days had gone by since I had last heard from her!  I emailed her and asked her what the status was on my dress.  She wrote back that the dress was "fine".....hmmm...fine??  That isn't what I wanted to I wrote back asking her if the dress was done and if so, could I come and try it on?  She wrote back that the dress was not done, but she could "get it done" and that I could come over on Monday.  I was a little worried that she was going to rush to get it done.

So Monday Joe and I went over to Debi's....I stepped into the entrance of her apartment building and climbed the stairs to the second floor.  I reached my hand up to knock on the door but before my hand touched the distressed door, it magically opened and Debi was standing there smiling and ushered us into her home.

Right this way.....I walked around the corner and there was my dress hanging on the door jam as Debi was finishing steaming the wrinkles away.

There you be....let me know when you are ready....she said.

I looked up at the dress and it looked like a whole different dress. I almost forgot what it originally looked like!!

I slipped off my shorts and shirt....slipped the dress on....then I slide my shoes on...

PhotobucketJoe pulled the zipper up for me...

I twirled around to look at myself in the mirror...

It looked...


Well almost perfect...

It was a bit loose at the neck line....

I called for Debi to come it...

She appeared instantly like magic...

I said that it was loose at the neck problem! Come back tomorrow and it will be all ready!

I said that I had to work, but Joe could come and pick it up.  She said she would have it ready.

The next day Joe went over to pick it up...paid her the remaining balance and she handed him my dress.

He text me at work telling me that he picked up the dress.

I couldn't wait to get home and try it on!

When I got home, I ran right upstairs so I could try it on.


Just perfect....

And to think I was worried...

Now I just hope it fits the same a month from now!

Its hard to believe my getting one Month!

The rehearsal dinner is all planned...

Invitations are sent:

 In 29 days....

I will be a Mother-In-Law!


  1. I'm sure it is gorgeous. I can't wait to see a "real" picture of you in it.

    Cherish every moment of that day, it will be over before you know it.

  2. I bet your heart is beating out of your chest!. Enjoy each moment....

  3. It sounds like you suffer a bit from the same condition I experience. Some people might call us control freaks, but I call it fear of the unknown: Is someone who you put in charge of something doing it the way you would in all manner of time, quality, and care. ;-) Glad your fears were put to rest. Hang in there.

  4. Your dress is gorgeous! I'm sure it will still fit you perfectly in a month from now. You take great care of yourself; so I doubt that your body would change in that time.


  5. I cannot wait to see the wedding photos and especially you in your dress which I know is going to look fabulous! Oh my, what a big day ahead, becoming a MIL!!!

  6. I love following along with your wedding updates!! I cannot wait to see pix of you in the dress. The rehearsal dinner invitation is so pretty. I guess you found a place! I must have missed that. Sorry!
    Please stop over and enter my csnstores giveaway if you can! Thanks!

  7. Congratulations...I hope you all enjoy the big day.

  8. That is a beautiful dress. Congratulation's!!!!

  9. Java I cannot wait to see the pictures of the weddings-oh I love weddings i am getting choked up just thinking about it

  10. Hi Java,

    I give you an One Lovely Blog Award.
    Please come to my blog to take the Award Button.

    Thank you and be blessed


  11. I actually sighed out loud at the end of your post. I don't do that very often. I am just so happy for you.

  12. Happy to hear it fit perfect. I would be worried when someone else picked it up and I couldn't try it on.

  13. Mine just got married in Vegas to his longtime girlfriend - it was a hoot and I just relaxed & had fun. His first one was THE NIGHTMARE and they did not include the mother of the groom (that would be me) in anything. So this one - relaxed, fun and different - was perfect. Do NOT stress - just enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Nothing matters but your son and his happiness that day.

  14. My husband always says that if I didn't have anything to worry about that I would worry that I've missed something...that I SHOULD be worrying about. LOL

    So glad your dress is exactly what you want. So excited for you.


  15. Glad it fits and make you feel like a queen. Let's hope you won't encounter any weight loss from wedding stress. I lived in a different state from where my wedding took place, my mother came to town, and took the dress back home with her. I get into town 2 days before my wedding, I'm busy seeing my family and bridesmaids, the morning of my wedding, I try on the dress which once fit perfectly like a glove, huh... what happened to my boobs, its saggy around that area! Apparently, I lost some, photographer said she had the trick, whipped out her handy dandy tape, lifted up my breasts tapped them tightly together, and once again I had some clevage!

  16. I'm looking forward to seeing the whole thing..color & everything!
    Their picture is just adorable.

  17. I'm sure you will be lovely in the dress! You could wear an old feed-sack and make it look like part of a new designer line! You go, girl!
    I'm glad you found a place to have the rehearsal dinner.I hope it is an enjoyable time for all.

  18. I love these wedding updates. The dress is DIVINE!

  19. First, I love the invites. One day it'll be my turn to be a Mother-in-law, WOW!!!
    Second, the dress is beautiful, from what I can see right now. I can not wait to see the whole dress with you're awesome body in it. Oh the excitment.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Take care and have a great evening. God Bless!!

  20. The dress looks amazing! There’s nothing to replace our children’s weddings! My son and daughter got married within 8 months of each other – one in a hotel in North Caroline and one in a castle in England. The weddings were so different but each beautiful! It sounds like all your plans are coming together perfectly. Don’t worry about whether or not everything goes as planned on the day – even imperfections can make lovely memories!

  21. See you shouldn't have worried. Everything will be fine and beautiful. Try just to slow down and enjoy it, you know it will all be over so quick. I could you not look beautiful?


    Carol-the gardener

  22. glad you got your dress. you will be beautiful at the wedding, but you are beautiful anyway.

  23. Since we have been living vicariously through your blogs about this wedding, I cannot wait to see the color version of this.
    I know you will look fab!
    Have a good weekend.
    ~Naila Moon

  24. The back is gorgeous, I can see already that you're going to look sensational. Can't wait for the wedding pictures with the full frontal view of the dress and not these little peeks. Awwww, your little baby is getting married - how wonderful and awful does that feel?

    Happy Friday!

  25. It's lovely! Congratulations Java! You are going to have so much fun and I bet you will be a great MIL!


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