Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dear Diary...

Dear Diary:

  Today was the 3rd day of school for Short and the 2nd day for Tall.  Short is having a rough time adjusting to the time difference since he was used to going to sleep really late and sleeping in really late!  He looked like he was dragging walking to the bus stop.  I have writers cramp from filling out the 101 school forms and now Tall just handed me another huge pile.  Why can't they just send home the one's I filled out last year with a note saying, "make corrections if any and return to school?"   I guess that would be too much work for them.  Tall is complaining that his new "required" uniform shoes are killing his feet and I told him that's because his feet haven't had shoes on for 3 months.  I am already tired of packing lunches and remembering to lay out $1.00 every night so that Tall can buy something in the school store for a "snack."  Thank goodness Monday is a holiday!

Joe finds out tonight if he has off on Sunday which is the day of our Labor Day picnic.  I hope so.  It is supposed to be cooler out on Sunday (75) instead of the heatwave we've been having!  Today it was 98 degrees!

 Venti and Mocha come home tomorrow for 5 days so that will be nice.  We have been searching and searching for a place to have the rehearsal dinner but haven't had any luck!   Every place we call can only seat us at either 5pm or 9pm!  We can't do 5pm because some people work on Friday and 9pm is too late.  I sure hope we find a place soon!  We are running out of time!  Only 45 days till the wedding! I still haven't heard from Debi Scissorhands  about my dress!  I sure hope everything is ok.
They guys all got fitted for tuxes and they only ended up costing around $100 each...and we need 4....Venti's is free....whew!

Diary, it is Wednesday night and I'm already sitting here wondering what to make for dinner tomorrow night!  That is always such a challenge!  Either one or two of the boys aren't home or the one's that are home don't like what we are having....sigh...what to make...what to make....

I taped Big Brother tonight since Joe is working and we like to watch it together.  Did you know that it is my all time favorite show?  I was actually a semi-finalist for the 2008 season!  I wonder if anyone else watches it?  If so, don't tell me what happened!  I won't get to watch it until tonight!

I'm sitting here braless and boy does it feel good!  I'm glad that a lot of my readers got to read the post about Bras Linked to Breast Cancer?  I completely understand about those who have been exceptionally blessed and can't go very often without one!  I the idea that a lot of you had!  Burn the bras!! 


  1. LOL, I feel your pain on the papers for school!! This was something I didn't have to worry about when we homeschooled!

    I hope things Tall gets adjusted to the time change soon. Mine are dragging his AM Both in shower and we need to leave in like oh, 15 minutes:)

    Hope you have fun at the picnic!!
    Have a blessed weekend-xoxo

  2. I am soooooooooo glad I don't have to fill those cards out... Your idea is a good one but the hassle for the office to pull those cards and then either route them to the current class the child is in or to make matters worse: mail them is a pain. what they should have is a form where u only fill out one and there are other copies below it so it is sent to the designated depts.

  3. After hearing about all of that paperwork, I am so glad we homeschool. I hate paperwork.

    For the rehearsal dinner, how about renting a hall or building and having it catered or having it at your home? Our parents didn't pay for our wedding; so my husband and I had to do the rehearsal dinner ourselves. Since we were also paying for the whole wedding and our honeymoon, we had to cut corners. I already owned a home, so we had it at my home and brought food in. it was very nice. Everyone had a wonderful time.


  4. Way to many forms! I am ready to photocopy this years and save them for next year!

    Blessings & Giggles, Jeanie

  5. semi finalist, eh? Cool!
    Another blogger I follow is going to be on another TV show.

    Have a great day, Java

  6. How wonderful to have been a semi-finalist!! They don't know who they missed out on -I'm certain you would have made things quite interesting around that house!

    WFingers crossed Joe brings home good news .. that he will be at Labor Day Picnic!!!

  7. That´s another good thing about an empty nest. No more forms to fill out! :) Love that last cartoon! :)

  8. I'm an empty nester and there are just some things I don't miss at all! Filling out forms, making lunches, getting up early, just to name a few!

  9. That sounds like my week mixed in with sick kids and no sleep. I so ready for a long weekend. One more day!!!

  10. Hey Java, gave you a blog award but you gotta visit mine for details...

  11. Your house is always so busy. I honestly don't know how you do it. I did dedicate you a little something today. Hope you like it...

  12. I hope you have a fabulous labor day weekend with all your family home and that you get some down time in which to relax a bit too.

  13. You are a busy lady!

    You've been tagged. Visit my blog to see the questions. I hope you have time to participate. If you don't, I is busy.

  14. The paperwork sounds lousy, but even home schoolers have some to fill out. I'm sure your dress will be okay. 45 days is a huge time for an alteration. Can't help you with the rehearsal dinner-too far away. I moonlight and do stuff like that a lot. Is there a caterer that you might use at a site that isn't a restaurant? Last rehearsal dinner I did was at a log cabin that was used a community center. They got it real cheap and could decorate themselves.

  15. I am SO glad I don't have to go through that "Emergency Contact", "Life Insurance", and other school form crap any more!

    But now I have the Community College jargon to deal with. It is a bit easier I must admit.

    And I hear you on the kids and this time change adjustment!


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