Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October update!!

Its hard to believe that October is half over! I am so not a winter person and I'm definitely not looking forward to the cold weather and lately we haven't had to do that just yet! In fact yesterday and today it is in the 80's! I have shorts on today and I'm enjoying the sunshine! I remember when I was in High School it was freezing in October because I was a majorette and wore this tiny uniform that left way too much extremities bear! Heck I'm lucky I didn't loose a limb! Hopefully the warm weather will last. Maybe we won't even have a winter!!!

Things are busy as ever in my household. Venti and Mocha were over for dinner on Sunday and Grande and Tall are home for Fall break so it was really nice having everyone here. I made Venti's favorite Chicken Puffs and he was in heaven!  Venti is still in the 2 year training program for the Government (he is a Civil Engineer working for the Federal Highway Administration) and he leaves again on October 24th until December 22nd for San Diego.  Then he won't know where he will be working next which is worrisome for him.  I am just hoping and praying that he gets a job here as they have 7 opening but they are on a hiring freeze.   Their "puppy" is getting huge!  He is up to 140 lbs and he is almost a year old.  Here is Dudley...the Great Dane!

Can you believe that on Sunday its a year already that Venti and Mocha got married?? 

My Dad is doing great!  The only effects from the Fall that he is still having is his vision.  The bleeder in his brain damaged his eyes and the doctor said that it will take awhile to heal.  They are slowly improving but he can't see 100% yet.  Thank goodness that he is better.  I still relive the whole thing in my head everyday.

My job at the Dept. of Revenue goes part-time starting October 31st.  I knew when I took this job that it goes part-time from the end of October to the end of January.  As much as I want to enjoy it the fact of the missing paycheck is making hard to do so.  I will be working 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off.  It is really slow at work so I guess that's why they do that.  I may have to skip Christmas.  Ha!  I do have a job interview today with the State Police.  If I get that job I won't have to pay for parking and the hours don't go part-time.  Wish me luck!!

Grande and Tall have adjusted well to college life.  Tall had a really hard time at first but now he really likes it.  I'm glad they have each other there (they go to the same college) and they are together most of the time.  Grande met a really nice girl there so I'm happy for him.  Tall broke up with his girlfriend Kelsey but they are back together again!!

Short is doing well in 6th grade.  Basketball is starting soon that's where I'll be on the weekends!!

I have a photoshoot scheduled in November that I am excited about!  I'll be sure to post some pictures!  I will be posting more often now that I will have lots of time!  I have missed you guys so much!!



  1. Wow, lots of activity at your place my friend. I can't believe the size of that dog!!! I'm happy to hear your Fathers vision is improving, and so glad that the worst is behind him now and he is in the healing process. So sorry about your job news I feel your pain). Remember all things for a reason . Happy to have you back blogging again, xo P.S. please remember to link up at Katherines Corner for tomorrows Thursday Favorite Things hop :-)

  2. Hey Java,
    Great to read the update on how everyone is doing!!! Wow !! a year since the wedding. Crazy how fast time flies!! My "little one" is in 6th and she's adjusting pretty well...just the early hours are a bit hard on all of us. My oldest is a senior so we'll be dealing w/ a college student before we know it. :(

    Take care and good luck at the job interview!


  3. I'm sure it's nice to have your boys home!

    Your puppy is just presh!

    And it's nice to hear that your dad is doing way better!

  4. Great to catch up with you, Java.

    Dudley is gorgeous


  5. Wow what a big boy Dudley is, so thankful your dad is recovery well from his fall and I will pray with you in regards to the new job interview.....always always enjoy your energy.

  6. It's nice to hear that everyone's doing well, Java! I can't believe how long my kids have been married either - 2 years and almost 3 years. Good luck with your job interview! Wishing you the best as always! Deb @

  7. what a gorgeous dog! so sorry to hear about your dad, but it's good to know that he's doing better. good luck with the interview!

    am a new follower. :)


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