Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Little White Lie....

Do you ever have a day that you wish you could just start over?  Well yesterday was that day for me.  I was leaving work and was in my car heading out of the parking garage that I park in...the same one that I have come and go for over 7 months now...I swiped my card...the gate lifted...I drove just a couple of feet...turned the wheel to go down the ramp...and BAM!!!   Smack went the back side of my car into the wall because I obviously cut it too close.  My heart sank!  I didn't know what to do.  I was afraid to pull over and look at it because by the way it sounded it had to be bad!  The whole way home I kept trying to look in the side mirror to see if I could see anything but I couldn't!  I cried the whole way home.  My car is only a year old and only has 8000 miles on it!

When I got home, Joe and Short were next door at my parents swimming so I got out of the car and crept around to the side.  Gulp!  It looked like someone side swiped me!  There was paint missing and a couple of small dents plus some big dents!  I had to tell Joe and I didn't want it to look like it was something I did......sooooooooo...I called him on his cell phone and said, "Joe, someone in the garage hit my car!".   "What!?"  "Someone hit the side of my car!"   "I'll be right up!"

So Joe comes around to the side of the garage and looks at my car.  "Omg!"  "What happened!"  "I don't know...(liar!)...I just saw it when I got home!"  "Wow..someone hit you....did they leave a note?"   "Nope."  "I'm going up there tomorrow and look for the car that has your paint on theirs."   ("You won't find them I'm thinking...because its a WALL!!) would be someone that just parked there for the day!"  "Can't you try and use that scratch stuff and fix it??"  " is worse then a couple of scratches!"

So Joe gets out the scratch stuff anyhow and while he's rubbing it on the dents and scratches, the dust from the concrete wall falls off and I couldn't believe he didn't see that!  I was holding my breath the whole time.  He finishes and it looks a little better but it is definitely noticeable.  "Well this much is our deductible?"  "$500"  "That's just great."  "Joe I feel terrible...I need to get out of that garage!"  "Yes you do!  Don't worry about it...its just a car!"  "I know, but I feel terrible about it." 

So Joe goes back down to my parents house and I go inside...feeling bad because I did that to the car and feeling even worse that I lied to Joe!  He is a very understanding man and he would have understood if I would have just told him the truth but somehow it just seems easier to blame it on someone else!  I sat on the couch and held a lengthy conversation to God asking for forgiveness and telling him that there are worse crimes in the world and so maybe he could focus on them and not me!

 I haven't been able to post for a while because where we live just experienced a severe flood!  All from the remnants of Hurricane Lee.  If you want to see some pictures, click HERE.  I live right around all of this flooding and luckily we didn't have any ourselves.  My in-laws had 2 feet of water in their basement.  My boss had water in her house that came up to 6 inches from her 2nd floor.  She found out yesterday that it is condemned and only had $50,000 flood insurance.  So sad.  I was called off of work last Thursday and Friday because I work in downtown Harrisburg which is only a few streets away from the Susquehanna River that crested at 27 feet and it is normally at 7-8 feet. My city had lots of damage and so many people have lost their homes and/or had damage. Please say a prayer for those that were impacted by the flood.  Some of you may have heard about us on the news!  Our boil water advisory was just lifted and we were happy about that!

Some of you will be happy to hear that FOLLOW FRIDAY will begin again on September 23rd!!  That is NEXT Friday!!!  I have missed it just as much as you have and I'm anxious to "see" everyone again and hopefully some new faces!  Hope to see you there!


  1. I dented my truck the same way in a parking garage. I was racing out, trying to grab my phone because my daughter had just fallen off a horse and broke her arm. Its been 3 years, I just ignore the dent now.

  2. Bummer about your car, Java. And the hurricane damage in your area is heartbreaking. I'm praying for everyone there.

    I'll look forward to the restart of Follow Friday ... I've missed it! Deb @

  3. HI - I'm already a follower - thanks for following me back -

    Sorry about the troubles from Irene - hope you are doing better now - best wishes to all of you for a smooth return to normalcy...

    Prayers ...
    beachside cottage

  4. I'm so sorry about your car AND about the flooding. It's been just devastating, seeing what's happening to people's homes.

    Will it make you feel better if I told you that I once damaged our sofa in a fit of rage, then blamed it on the cat? I did come clean, eventually, years later.

  5. About two years ago when my husband was in Iraq, I accidently stepped on the gas pedal instead of the brake and bumped into the SUV in front of me at the stop light. I felt like a fool. The SUV had no damage, my unfortunate car was pretty messed up in the front. I guess they felt sorry for me, because I didn't get a ticket, but it cost me thousands of dollars to get it all fixed. Husband still doesn't know it happened. I just conviently omitted it from any conversations. Lying, I guess, but liveable for me, lol. You need to do what works best for you in the guilt department. It's not worth carrying that burden around forever bothering you. Your husband sounds pretty amazing. He might already have guessed, with the concrete powder and all, lol. Glad you made it through the storms okay.

  6. I have done similar things with my own car. it super sucks to damage your car in any way.

    The hurricane hit us as well. We haad minor flooding but nothing damaged.

    Looking forward to the blog hop next week. I am just about caught up with my blogs that I follow!!

  7. So sorry to hear about the damage to your car and the hurricane damage too... wondering if you are planning to restart Meet Me on Monday soon too?

  8. Java
    so sorry to hear about your car, it is kind of funny the same thing happened to me about a month ago, instead of telling the truth about that it was me that backed into a truck I hit the hitch so no damage to the truck parked in my driveway I said somebody backed into me at the hospital it sounded good at the time. I only have had it 6 months so I know your pain.

    Hope you are doing well


  9. I've done that before with the lying about the car but my husband knew!!!! I can never lie to him, I'm a bad liar. I was backing out of the Subway parking lot and hit a truck with my husband's car!! I drove to school and called him and said someone hit my car in the parking lot! He was at work and could tell I was lying over the phone. When he got home he said to call the school and see if they had video surveillance and all that. I felt terrible. He eventually told me he knew I was lying and he laughed about it, said it was fun to see me squirm!

  10. I know I'm late commenting, but I've recently started following and just read this. I have also hit a wall in a parking garage, but I was trying to avoid another car coming up the middle of the ramp. It still really sucks either way and I was so embarrassed that I didn't use it for awhile afterwards. I'm sorry to hear about all the flooding in your area. I live in Georgia and I still kept a close eye on that hurricane when it passed us by. Truly terrible for all those who got massive flooding!


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