Thursday, September 1, 2011

The End....

Of Summer is almost here.  Summer is my favorite time of the year and I always get a little down when its over.  Even though Fall is nice, we all know what comes after....Winter!  Blah!  Okay...enough of that subject!

I have been busy, busy, busy!  One would think that since our household has gone from 6 to 3 that I would have all the time in the world!  But no....taking Grande and Tall to college last Thursday was really hard.  They are in different buildings (same college) and so Joe and I had to run back and forth getting them all set up.  Then we ran to Walmart to pick up some things that they needed...only $100 later!  Prior to that we spend several hundred on "things"....Boy is it ever expensive getting your child ready for college!  Its like setting up an apartment!  And I had 2 at the same time!  I'm sure I'm not the only one and for those that have my sympathy!  From cable wires, to nail clippers!  I think they have pretty much they least for now.  Grande was super excited to go and he was mentally prepared for it because he went for 2 years at a community college but poor Tall on the other hand was very nervous and wanted to come back home with us but I thought it was best if he stayed so he could get settled in and meet some new friends.  Both of them went to high school with their roommates so I am relieved about that. 

We stayed for over 8 hours and then it was time to say goodbye!  Grande practically ushered us out of his room but Tall held on extra tight when I hugged him goodbye.  I didn't cry when I hugged Grande because he clearly could have cared less, but when I was hugging Tall the tears started to fall.  He cried too which made it even harder.  I was so upset by the time I got in the car that I wasn't watching which way Joe was driving and he mistakenly took the highway south instead of north and the next thing you know we were 45 miles the OPPOSITE way and ended up in the next state!  Laugh if you must and yes it is funny now but at the time I couldn't stop yelling at Joe because during the whole 45 miles I kept saying that things didn't look "familiar" and he insisted they did!  I see why I usually do all the driving!  So it took us 3 hours to get home instead of 1!!! 

They are coming home tomorrow (Friday) until Monday!  Short is missing them terribly and boy is our house ever quite!  As much as I miss them I am enjoying not having to worry about what to cook for dinner!  With Joe, Short and myself I can make something quick and everyone is happy but when the boys are here I have to make a full 3 course meal!  And wow the laundry!  I have to actually go around and look for things to make a load!  Amazing!  And the dishes!  Hardly any!  And the bathrooms even stay cleaner!  But I would take all of that if I could trade it for going back in time and having all of my boys here and making time stand still......

Grande and Tall at college

Venti is home (staying at Mocha's parents house) until September 12th when he leaves for San Diego until December 22nd.  After that he is done with the training program and hopefully can stay here or close to here...crossing my fingers!  Their dog Dudley is HUGE.  He is up to 150 lbs!  Here some recent pictures:

My Dad is slowly doing better!  I looked out the window yesterday and he was walking around in the yard and that is the first time that he has done that.  He still has double vision which bothers him but he said that he is starting to see clearer which I was happy to hear.  Thank you all for your words of wisdom and prayers.  It really meant a lot to me.  I read every single comment and they really brightens day!

We had a visit from Hurricane Irene last week!  She left us with a present of a $150 bill for the shingles that blew off of my roof!  Thanks Irene!

My job is going okay.  My job is considered part-time because from the end of October to the beginning of February I will be working 2 week and then off for 2 weeks.  While that does sound wonderful, I don't think we can afford it!  Especially over the holidays!  How am I going to be able to afford gifts let along paying the bills.  I knew this when I took the job but didn't really think about it.  Plus I will still have to pay for my parking space which is $145.00 a month.  I don't know what I'm going to do!  I really wish I could do something at home and make the same amount of money, but I guess I am dreaming.  I have been looking for another job but haven't found anything.  I wish I had more flexibility too.....sigh....

I will be starting the hops back up!!!  I know you all have been waiting patiently and I do appreciate that!  Give me another week or two and things should all be settled by then!

I hope everyone has a very safe and fun filled Labor Day weekend!


  1. I totally agree about summer, it's my favorite time of year. I hate winter because it gets so cold and the days are so short. It will take some time to adjust to the empty nest I guess, but it's a new stage in life and who knows what good things it will bring. What a bummer about the job and the parking. If you only work 2 weeks, why do you have to buy parking for the whole month? Maybe you can split it with somebody else who also works 2 weeks?

  2. Sounds like you have been very busy. Having two sons leave for college at the same time is a lot to deal with.

    My youngest son is at school at BYU-Idaho which is far away from our home in North Carolina. He recently got married so I am learning a lot about letting go. :)

    Beau (hubby) and I are now empty nesters and it is amazing how much easier it is to prepare meals and keep the house clean. It is a new season which leaves me with a mixture of emotions, that is for sure.

  3. Well, you had me in tears while reading the part about hugging Tall goodbye. I would rather have the extra work and have my kids at home too. I totally get where you're coming from.

    I am so encouraged to hear the news about your dad. It looks like he's going to be okay. What a blessing and answer to prayer.

  4. I am so glad that we are now out of winter and into spring so not long till summer will be here although I don't think we have had a really cold winter this year.....

    I am so glad I have never had to worry about my children going off to college I do not know how I would handle it.

  5. So glad to get your wonderful update and be able to know what all is going on with one of my favorite bloggers!! It sounds like life has been crazy for you and I can totally identify with the taking the boys to school thing! Mine has been a few years ago but the memories are fresh. Thank goodness for Skype and texting and the wonders of the internet to keep us all in touch now that they are on their own in separate states (far away from us. :-( ) Still praying for your dad though it sounds like he is making great strides and praying for you and the job and the finances and all that rigamarole! Don't you wish sometimes we could all just live on love???? :-)

  6. Oh sweetie it's so great to read your post today. Happy to read that your Father is up and around a bit. I felt your pain in leaving two at college.Both in your heart and in your wallet, giggle. How nice that they will be home for the long weekend. Sending hugs your way always, Katherine

  7. WOW have you ever been busy! So glad to hear you dad is getting better. :) The boys will settle in in a week or two and be fine I'm sure, glad they are with highschool friends, that makes it so much easier. We are all looking forward to the hops, but more happy things are going good for you. I was wondering, is there maybe someone you could share your parking space with, or would they let you sublet it 1/2 the month? That would help with the high monthy cost of that at least.

  8. So good to hear about your Dad improving!

    My nephew is getting ready to start his sophmore year at SDSU in La Jolla. It is so hard to see him leave!

  9. What a great post. I too had tears in my eyes about the hugging Tall. I can so relate now that my own daughter is 25 and lives in another state. If only we could turn back the years. I would go back in a heartbeat.
    I hate to see summer end also. So glad your dad is doing better.

    Thanks for sharing your blog. I so enjoy reading it.


  10. You certainly have been a very busy bee lately. Your post is full of heartful emotions. Wish your dad continued good health.

  11. When we took Oldest son to college his freshman year, he was more interested in finding his friends from high school than he was going out to eat with us one last time. Last year with Middle Son, I followed him to school (he's only 15 minutes away), but the traffic was terrible so I went home (before I got to his dorm!) and went up later when the crowd thinned out. He & his roommate figured it out by themselves: they walked up to the 2nd floor, caught the elevator on the way down, then rode back up to the 16th floor. Ingenious!

  12. Summer is/was my favorite time of the year. No school..........girls home all day, playing and not a care in the world. Now not so much, although I do enjoy being off. Glad you dad is doing good.

  13. You certainly sound busy and, thankfully, a good kinda busy!! We brought our son to Hofstra last week for his first year there. It was bittersweet but I handled it better than I thought I would. We always have the thought of my husband not being physically present for all of the boys' milestones (he passed away at the age of 40 almost 7 years ago) but I know he is always with us spiritually so that makes things a lot easier for me. : )

    Looking forward to Follow Me Friday's return!! God bless. : )

    ~ Wendy

  14. I'm so glad to hear your Dad is doing better. I have been back to your blog a few times to check on him....

  15. Looking forward to your hops again and to seeing what you are up to.
    Take care and peace...
    Naila Moon

  16. Hello my darling friend, thinking of you and sending ♥

  17. Glad to hear your dad is improving. I am little late to the party but my son and his family were staying with us for a whole month and all my attention went to them. I am not just catching up on the blogs i read.

    That dog is huge!!


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