Thursday, June 2, 2011


As you saw from yesterday's post, Tall graduated last Thursday!  It was a beautiful graduation and my heart swelled with pride!  No I did not cry....I saved that for Saturday when he left for Senior Week to the beach for a week!  Yikes!  He has called every day..some days twice a day so I know he misses home...and me!  hehe....I'll breathe a sigh of relief when he comes home on Saturday.  Short's last day of school is Friday.  I wish I could be home with them over summer but unfortunately I'll be at work instead.  :(

Here are some more pictures from graduation and by the way, this is his High School Graduation...not College!  I don't even want to think about that yet!

Tall, Grande and Short

Tall and his girlfriend Kelsey

Grande and Tall


  1. Congratulations! i just graduated my youngest from high school...done with that phase!After 11 years as a teacher, this will be the first year I teach in our high school without one of my children in the building!!

  2. Congratulations. These are great pictures. Our oldest just graduated from college.

  3. Great pictures!

    That is so sweet he checked in with you!! Kids can go a little crazy and forget about home. I love that he called you often he is a good kid.

  4. Great photos, Java.
    Congrats to Tall!
    ~Naila Moon

  5. We just graduated another one from college---3 down, 1 to go. Their high school graduations took forever--the smallest class was DD1's at 637 graduates and the largest was DD4's at 867...I thought we'd be there forever and a day!

    Your boys always look so happy-you can see it in their smiles and their eyes! Congrats to your graduate! High school is OVER! Well, for that one anyway. LOL

  6. Congrats...was at my son's graduation from law school last was such a thrill knowing in years past all the the famous people who had crossed that stage just like he was

  7. Congrats Tall!
    What a lovely family -- I KNOW you must be overjoyed and so proud!

  8. They grow fast. Great pictures, especially that last one of Grande & Tall hugging it out:-)

  9. great pictures and congrats again

  10. Okay Java, I can't believe you controlled yourself from mentioning it because it must have driven you nuts. Where were Mocha and Venti on this huge family day for Grande???? They aren't in the pictures; they weren't there! Where were they?!

    Good for you for controlling yourself and not mentioning it- I'm shocked! But I'm going to mention it!

    Okay, now that I have addressed the drama (lol), that is a HUGE and BEAUTIFUL auditoriom that they graduated in! WOW, how beautiful! It looks like one of those... what are they called... astronomy places! Like on Friends where Ross and Rachel go for their first date and look at the "stars" (pretend stars on the ceiling) lol Where is Kelsey going to go to college?

  11. Oops, sorry, typo! Big family day for Tall, not Grande. :)

  12. I'm impressed that he's called every day! Very impressed!!!

  13. Congrats!! Its always a happy/sad time watching our kids grow up and move on!!

    My oldest graduated in 09' from HS ..

    My next oldest is going to be a Junior this fall ..
    and then there's 3 more after her ..

    I hope your son had fun on his Senior week!!

  14. Congratulations to your son! Our daughter just graduated a 2 year college. She'd like to do another two years but the costs - Yikes ! Your sons are very handsome - and I could only wish mine would call so often : D Enjoy your summer.

  15. Parabéns pelo seu filho! As fotos ficaram lindas. Parabéns Java, seus filhos são muito bonito. Um ótimo fim de semana. Bjs!


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