Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What's been going on......

Whew....thing are hopefully settling down for me!   Taxes are done....Venti, Tall and Shorts birthday's....done...our Anniversary done...Easter....done....now its smoothing sailing until our vacation in June and Grande's birthday in July!  Maybe now I can get back to some regular blogging!!

In case you missed my last update and want to catch up, start here.

My job is going well.  The other girl that I started with that doesn't like it and is looking for another job is still there.  I'm hoping she sticks around but if not I'll be fine without her!  I have the job pretty much down pack now so its much easier and I feel like I know what I'm doing!

I did end up getting my period but it was really light and only lasted 2 days which is kinda strange but I'm gonna guess that the vasectomy did work and I'm not pregnant.  I was nauseous the other day after lunch and my boobs feel heavier but I just find it very hard to believe that after all these years it stopped working.  It has to be something to do with the beginning of menopause and just leave it at that.

Short just had a birthday and turned 11!  We look him bowling which we haven't gone in years and everyone had a blast.  I couldn't believe how many muscles you use when you bowl because when I got up the next day I could really feel it!

His birthday choice was orange sherbert!  He didn't want cake!

He got an Ipod Touch which he was thrilled with!

Tall and his girlfriend at the bowling alley.

Short and his friend.

Tall is going to the prom with his girlfriend next Friday.  We just ordered his tux and the flowers.  I'll be sure to post lots of pictures!!

I hope everyone has a nice Easter.  Mine was okay.  If you remember me saying that when Venti moved out to Chicago that we could communicate via Skype.  We did Skype on Short's birthday and it was awesome!  That was on the 20th....well ever since then we were saying that I would bring my laptop to my parents house to Skype on Easter with Venti and Mocha and that way everyone could say hello and "see" each other.  Venti said that was a great idea.  Well Easter morning he text me to say Happy Easter and I text back saying the same and to let me know what time he wanted to Skype.  He wrote back saying they were going to Mocha's sister's husbands house for dinner and they would be eating at 2pm and that he would let me know.  So I took my laptop to my parents house, hook it all up..connected the internet and waited..and waited.
Finally at 5:15pm when I didn't hear from him yet and my one sister and her family were leaving, I text Venti and asked him what time did he want to skype because people were starting to go home....he never text me back until 5:30pm and said that they just got done eating (even though he said earlier they were eating at 2pm) and that he wouldn't be able to skype and that maybe we could do it next weekend!  I couldn't believe it!  Like everyone was going to come back next weekend just to skype!  He didn't call all day or did he call his Grandparents.  If you remember from Christmas and the incident that happened that day you would think he wouldn't have pulled another one this holiday!  Sigh...

Tall and his Girlfriend helped Short dip Easter Eggs!

Easter Morning!
Tall finds out this week his SAT scores which will determine if he gets into the college he wants to go to...the one that Grande already got accepted to.  I'm crossing my fingers!

So that's whats been happening in my neck of the woods!  


  1. Looks like life is going smoothly and on track. Whew! Aren't you glad. And gosh how those kids grow. And getting their own life and all...how dare they! LOL

  2. Oh, the SAT's. Fun times.

    And woot for the choice of non-cake! That looks fantastic.

    Not to scare you, but a good friend of mine (who got a V 6 months ago) just found out it wasn't fully effective. He found out because his gf is pregnant, and he, like an idiot, accused her of cheating on him. I convinced him to double-check his sperm count, and whaddayaknow, it didn't stick...

  3. A busy time for you!

    Glad to hear the job is going well.

    I have been out of the blogging loop for a little while, too. We went to Scotland for our family holiday. We usually go on hols later in the year, but this time fitted in before my daughter starts her exams.


  4. Busy, busy, busy but all with good things.

    I've been trying for two weeks to skype with my oldest, but it doesn't seem like we can ever connect at the right times! Grrrrrr

  5. Ohhh Java how fustrating about not being able to Skype!! I am sorry it didn't work out. :( On the plus side you are loving the new job so thats wonderful. I am so glad you are still posting up dates for us! I wanted to let you know that Bernie at One Mixed Bag and I came up with a new Blog award and I wanted to make sure you got one of the first ones. I posted it today and have a link back to your blog. It will fit right in with your busy schedule since its the "No Hoops" award, so you don't need to do a darn thing with it if you don't want to. I just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you and wanted to thank you for the blog hops you host each week as well as the new button. :) I am glad you had a nice Easter!!

  6. very handsome boys and so much fun going on. wish short happy birthday for me

  7. Glad you're loving your new job. Love the photos. You have a very nice family.

  8. Java
    Thank you so much for sharing your photos with us. Glad things are almost back to normal.


  9. So good to see you posting again. I´m sorry it didn´t work out with Skype on Easter. I bet it´s really stressful to combine everyone's schedules.
    Glad you are enjoying your new job and it just shows you made the right decision.
    Happy belated Birthday to Short!

  10. Glad the job is going well...there aren't many things worse that having a job you don't like! I know what you mean about the whole menopause thing. I wish it would just be done with it, already! This not having a period in 3 months, then having one and then another 1 1/2 weeks later is for the birds! I'm over it! :D

  11. You are one busy woman! Thanks for sharing your pictures and I can not wait to see the ones for Prom! I loved that time of my kids lives...now they are all grown and getting old!! : ((
    Hopefully, if you hold on long enough, things will smooth out with Venti and he will remember his FAMILY! It is much harder with boys because girls want to be with their family. Luckily we all spent easter together this year..inlaws..outlaws..ex's..grandkids..it was all good!

  12. I love all the nicknames you have for your family, I think i get it now, Java, Venti, Mocha, you guys like Starbucks or what? I love Skype, I don't know why more people don't use it. Cute pics.

  13. Lovely family!

    I've been having some of the menstral symptoms you describe. It is the peri menopausal signs. The change is moving slowly in. I'm apprehensive of what the next round of symptoms will bring.

    Vitamin E oil will ease the breast ache.

  14. So hard being far from your oldest son, I feel bad that your having connection problems. Hopefully his wife will get a bit more comfortable and realize that there's enough room for everyone.


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