Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday Tips. Fashion Disasters!

We’ve all been guilty of partaking in some bad fashion trends – but committing these fashion faux pas past the age of 15 just isn’t right anymore. It’s time to get hip to what's acceptable - and what's not - in any respectable fashion circle. So if you find yourself cringing in shame when reading this list of 10 fashion disasters, don’t worry. They're easy to eliminate once you discover you’re in violation.

Visible Bra Straps
Fashion Disaster #1
Even though Sex and the City’s Sarah Jessica Parker sported backless and halter top dresses with visible bra straps on purpose for a few seasons, we don’t believe you should do the same. Bras are undergarments, so keep your straps properly adjusted and don’t let them peek out on purpose or on accident. 

Visible Panty Lines
Fashion Disaster #2
It’s not enough that your bra strap hangs out, but women also make the mistake of VPL (also known as visible panty lines). If your panties are shifting in any way, the whole world will know.  
The only way to avoid visible panty lines and their consequences (panty lines often give the appearance of three or four tushes since the lines cut into you) is to invest in thongs. And yes, thongs can be comfortable, especially if they’re made of cotton. 

LOW Rise Jeans 
Fashion Disaster #3 
Low rise jeans are a huge improvement from jeans that cover the belly button, but many women resort to this bad fashion move as an excuse to show the world a bit too much. Some women’s jeans are low enough to make a plumber blush. There’s nothing sexy about this look. Remember these two fashion phrases: Less is more and crack is whack. 

Mom Jeans 
Fashion Disaster #4 
The definition of “ Mom Jeans” is jeans that sit way too high on the waist and taper in at the legs. They’re called this because many older women can be found wearing them. This style of jean is extremely unflattering for your waist and bottom because you lose proportion and balance. Even if you’re an older woman, don’t be afraid to try a current style of jeans. Nobody said you have to get the very low rise jean. Just look for a pair that sits below your belly button and are slightly flared or boot leg. 

Socks with Sandals
Fashion Disaster #5
This bad fashion decision has forever been unacceptable for both men and women, yet people continuously violate it. Socks with sandals are a fashion no-no for two reasons. One, sandals are supposed to be worn on bare feet, and two, nobody wants to look at your toes stuffed into a dirty sock. 

White Bra with White Shirt
Fashion Disaster #6
Many women make the mistake of wearing a white bra under a white shirt because they think it doesn’t show through. 
However, white bras are usually so visible that you might as well be wearing a red or black one. Instead of a white bra, choose a nude or tan color that closely resembles the color of your skin. 

Shoes You Can’t Walk In 
Fashion Disaster #7  
We’ve all seen those girls who walk around in 4-inch stilettos, swinging and swaying, trying to maintain balance. But instead of looking sexy, they look silly. If your shoes are that uncomfortable or awkward, you shouldn’t buy them, not even if you plan on wearing for them for a short amount of time. Forgo the stilettos and opt for more walking-friendly heels.  Low heels are hot and will prevent you from becoming a literal walking fashion disaster. 

Clothes that Don’t Fit Properly
Fashion Disaster #8
Stop buying clothes according to the size you wish you were or hiding in oversized, baggy clothes. Both of these fashion disasters make you look larger than you really are. 
Keep in mind that just because your usual size 8 doesn’t fit you at one store doesn’t mean you’ve gained weight. Don’t be afraid to go up a size for the sake of your clothes fitting right. And girls – limit your oversized college sweatshirt and sweatpants to the house....even when you think nobody in the grocery store is paying attention. 

Not Dressing Age-Appropriate 
Fashion Disaster #9 
You probably have a neighbor, a co-worker or a friend who is guilty of dressing like a teenager, but if you’re the guilty party, it’s past time to rethink your aversion to getting older. For most women over 30, tube tops, pink glitter and t-shirts with juvenile sayings are simply not age-appropriate.
 Getting older doesn't mean resorting to dowdy clothes; plenty of designers make age-friendly, trendy clothes for you to take advantage of. 

Chipped Nail Polish
Fashion Disaster #10
Chipped nail polish looks tacky both on your nails and toenails. If you think people don’t notice, they do. And if you’re doing it to be trendy, get out the nail polish remover immediately. 
To limit the time you’ll need for nail polish maintenance, choose a quality brand of polish, and don’t forget to put on a clear top coat.
Also, invest in nail polish remover for those times you don’t feel like re-polishing. 


  1. #8 is the most important... women don't realize that they should look at their physical appearance.. don't follow trends just because... If #8 were followed then all the other disasters wouldn't seem as bad... To me a bra strap showing is more appealing on someone who doesn't look like a sausage squeezed into clothes that are way too small, or if the person is age appropriate... Attitude is the biggest component in carrying off some of the'disasters'... U mention SJP, she has an attitude that can carry off showing her bra straps showing...

  2. VPL I really do not like that especially when you see an elegant woman dressed and then the......
    VBS if the straps are thing and delicate it looks quite nice.
    Lastly I agree wear shoes that one knows how to walk in!

  3. Keep us on track, Java! I thought the current fashion trend IS fashion disaster. Some would call me old fashioned, but I am so sick of seeing bra straps, bellies hanging out(especially chubby ones), and enough cleavage to look like something from old issues of National Geographic with tribal women (not a little peek for an alluring look). TV influences the unruly masses, and they take things to the extreme. It's certainly not a first in the history of fashion, but I think women were more aware and concerned about what other think.
    Now, I'm off to find my skin colored bra for that white shirt!

  4. I am new to your blog, but LOVE it to pieces...today's post was great...I have a friend that I wish I could forward it to...my question for you is concerning faux pas #9, what are your favorite boutiques/online shopping spots for age-friendly, trendy clothes?

  5. HI Leelee!
    Welcome to my blog!
    I will do a post on online shopping for age appropriate girls like us...I'll do it next Tuesday!

    Have a great week!

  6. Love this post. Just looked down though and my nail polish is beginning to chip. I've had my hands in dishwater too much this holiday weekend so it's time for a polish change.


  7. I am so glad I am not up on trends. I would be breaking so many of these.

  8. Great list, so true.
    No shame here because I'm a good girl and not guilty any of these 10 disasters...my mother was a teacher and I can still remember! :)

  9. Oh girl, you hit the nail on the head with the bra straps. That is one of my pet peeves. Yes, wear the cute little skimpy tops...but use a strapless bra. That why they make them. Gotta admit I have some chipped nails at the moment from too little free time this weekend, but I'm going to remedy it today. And I do love my "mom" jeans with the elastic waist. Saw some new Lee's the other day that are normal jeans but on the sides there is about a 3" section of elastic for those times when you are a little bloated and the regular jeans don't fit good.

  10. Ciao, Java - I gotta say - this new "skinny jean" fad is kinda scary. And ... Jeggings? I would say another HUGE fashion faux-pas right now is wearing tights (which are not pants, ladies) or any of these tight jegging things - without covering the bootay.

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  12. I often have a tendency to wear the wrong size - sometimes because I'm affraid to buy the next one or because I have the clothes and have been in my closet for years, and they are still in good shape - I am heading there to toss everything that doesn't fit anymore; if I loose some pounds, I rather reward me with a new pair of jeans!! kudos to the age appropiate fashion!! we don't have to dress silly to look young - if so, we might as well wear piggy tails and carry a doll!

  13. Great tips! I already try real hard to stay on track of not breaking any of these, but it still happens and always good to get a reminder.

  14. Great post. I think I'm slightly guilty of the Mom's jeans thing. I also wear PJ's way too much.

  15. Oh yes, thongs! I have hundreds of them. No other way to go in my opinion!

  16. All very good tips, Java. One of the best shows to help anyone out who is having trouble with this concept is TLC's WHAT NOT TO WEAR. That is a must-see show, people. It will help women by clothes that flatter their body type. The one thing that is fairly common to everyone is pants. The big thing is a pant that shows the line of the leg. (as you said, no taper, but also no flair). It is classic. Also a dark wash jean. And no pleated pants. It is unflattering. You can watch about 5 episodes of WHAT NOT TO WEAR and learn tons. Most of it will make you want to chuck your entire wardrobe. *sigh*

    Thank you Java for pointing out some of the really important fashion faux pas. There is no reason not to make the most of what we've got!!!

  17. I ALWAYS check your tuesday posts...for my updates on beauty/fashion tips.

  18. I tend to agree with this list. I must confess, though -- even though I buy (and use!) every bra strap hider in existence..... I still occasionally say "the hell with it." But if my bra strap is going to show, it will be a black one, with no ugly buckle showing, and with a dark top. (You need to have SOME standards.....)

  19. Amen to #7! I have NO idea how those girls walk around in those high heels!

  20. I loved this: Less is more and crack is whack.

    Here in the NW...there are lots of socks and sandals people. Cracks me up!

  21. I have to admit Stacy London helped me get my act together. I stopped wearing t-shirts that were too big for me, started wearing mid rise jeans that flared for my body type and got a decent hair style that doesn't make me look like vagabond. Losing weight helped also. I try not to look like the rest of the slobs that walk my town. It actually has helped my self esteem.

  22. All true.... all very true! Just back from a weekend away and visited the Minnesota State Fair. I saw every one of these and MORE! I have tried to not look like a slob even though I am not working currently and don't have that dressing for work thing every day. Comfy can still look nice---just takes a bit of effort! May have to link to your blog today so my readers can have some of your wisdom! Thanks for sharing!

  23. Great post!!! Though, I don't know about giving up my glittery t-shirts....(only kidding)!

  24. Yea. I am not guilty of committing any of these fashion disasters.


  25. These are great! I consider myself an office on the Fashion Police and spot people all the time that I want to ticket! The gym is also a horrible place for fashion mistakes...too tight clothes, bike shorts with t-shirts tucked in, wearing work out clothes from the 80's, etc! LOL!

  26. This was excellent advice - after hitting Vegas, I was appalled at the number of people who just let their bra straps hang out - not as a fashion statement but more like too cheap to purcahse one that fits the top (i.e., strapless or whatnot). That and Daisy Dukes on older women - phew - just TOO MUCH skin showing and butt cheeks, too!

  27. I think it's a little late for that now (never grow old)☺
    Stopping in to check out your site, say hello and that I'm Following from boost my blog friday.


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