Thursday, September 16, 2010

Follow Friday 40 and Over!!

Welcome to the 17th edition of the  
Follow Friday 40 and Over!!

Are you a blogger over 40? Yeah, welcome to the club!
Please join in the fun and get to know your fellow bloggers!!

Congratulations to Heather at Our Life In a Click


Her blog was randomly selected from the participants of last Friday's Blog Hop to be the featured blog this week!!
She holds the #2 Hot Spot this week. Make sure you show her some love and follow her blog.

As a special gift, if your blog is selected and you do not have a blog button, I will make one for you!!!  Plus I will add your button to my Awesome Blogs  page!!

Maybe you will get selected next time!  Wouldn't it be great to have your blog showcased here!!!
Good luck to all!

The RULES to join in are very simple!

1. Grab the button
2. Add your link to the list
3. Visit as many other blogs as you can
4. Follow the ones you like (and comment on their blog to say that you are following)

NOTE:  PLEASE leave your blog address when you leave a comment!!  I have had several people wanting to follow back but the blogger can't always be found through the google info page!!

This list is new each week. The links do not carry over. Please link up  each week for new participants to find your blogs. It will be visible all week to visit  the blogs listed.
While you are here, make sure you check out the
Over 40 Blogger List!!

Be sure to join if you haven't already!



  1. I just popped over to see if it is up yet and it is! Be back in a bit to link up. yay! Candace

  2. Java, I have a surprise for you on my blog tomorrow morning. The post will be a wee bit long before getting to the part for you. Please be sure and check it out.


  3. I am so excited to participate in this blog hop! How fun to meet women who are over 40 too. Thanks for hosting this!
    Karen @ Pocket Full of Pink

  4. Good evening Java, I linked up tonight but the post goes out tomorrow morning. I just had a few minutes before bed time. Hope that's okay.
    Thanks again for hosting the funnest day of the week. Hope you had a great week. I'm off to read about the wedding dress. I did a quick look and it's beautiful.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  5. Wow thanks!!! That is so exciting! I hope everyone comes over and enters my giveaway!!

  6. Good Morning, Java. Once again, thanks for hosting this.

  7. Thanks for the link girl! Wanted to say hi to one of my favorite friends! Have a great weekend!

  8. Thanks for hosting once again, and I wish you and yours a very happy weekend! Already following you just a few words to say hello

  9. have a happy friday!!! tomorrow is going to be a busy morning for me (still thursday in my neck of the woods) but will try to hop to as much as I can! this week's winner for sure!

    thanks for hosting Java!

  10. Hi Java, Thanks for hosting again this week! I'm all linked up and am hoping that you stop by and post 2 links to both your blog hop and an inspirational post on a tip for staying more fresh and young! We all love you and your blog! Bye for now! Roz

  11. Not sure what I am doing up this early but thanks for the fun!

  12. Since joining your site, I've met some very insightful people...

  13. Wow - this is growing bigger every week - cool! Been enjoying meeting new e-friends and reading new blogs - thanks!

  14. Honestly, most weeks I play by the rules. Am in a time crunch this week but want to get word out about great cause.
    Will do better in future and promise to return blog love as soon as I can.

  15. Just found you! and yes I'm over 40, just added myself to your list (Dreams and Reality) and grabbed myself a button.

    You can find a person's blog by clicking on their name to see their profile and seeing 'My Blog'.

  16. Thanks for doing this blog hop. It's a great way for me to find new blogs outside my usual reading sphere!

  17. Hi Java! I love this theme for us 'NOT' getting older, but wiser women! I have 3 grown sons and just in the last 2 years have figured out and grown into the person I was meant to be. :-)

    Great blog and I love your bio too! Following and will back. Have a wonderful weekend, Java!

  18. Man, I wish I had more time right now to hop but chores await. Life is busy on the Ponderosa.

    God bless ya and have the most incredible weekend!!!

  19. Thanks for hosting, I am following, since I am over 40 hmmm doesn't seem like it though, have an awesome weekend!

  20. Grabbed a button, now following and lovin the blog hop. Never heard of it before, but what a great idea. Can't wait to see what's next. :)

  21. Java: I'm over 40, long-time happily married, with a great family - and Lady, I like your attitude. I'll follow along. Thanks, from The Disconnected Writer.

  22. Glad to be back... this time I added both blogs; one from wordpress and the other from blogger! Happy to be alive...

  23. I was hoping to join the Friday over 40 follow - but it is closed. What are the chances of getting in?


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