Saturday, October 6, 2012

October Happeneings!

As you know we put in an offer on another house and they accepted it!  Our house is now for sale and we haven't had one single showing yet!  Hmmm...I know the market is slow but not one showing in 2 weeks!  I guess we will sit and wait patiently (or impatiently)....we have to sell this one in order to buy the new one so someone else could still come in and buy the other one before we sell ours.  Let's just hope that doesn't happen!

It was a sad day here at our house on Wednesday.  Our beloved Brody had to be put to sleep.  He has been sick since Labor Day and nothing has been helping.  He was on his third medication and he seemed to be getting worse.  He was urinating all over the house, he could hardly walk and he just looked ill.  The vet said that was the best thing to do.  He was only 3!

RIP Brody!

I took some funny pictures (at least to me) while I was out running errands.

She clearly doesn't understand the concept of "drive-up ATM's!"

And this one:  "Why get it fixed when you have duct tape and trash bags!!"

I have a new co-worker!  This is Sara!  :)

And yes that is pretty much my view every time I turn I try not to turn around much!  lol

Joe and I had a ball the other night at the Halloween Store with the "babies!"

Grande and Tall are on their way home from college and Tall requested ham, greens and potatoes so I guess I better get cooking!!

I love this saying:

Happy Fall everyone!!


  1. Good luck with the sale of your home! I'd be impatiently waiting! It's fun to be a kids sometime, eh? (the Halloween store). BTW, I don't think I'd turn around at work either.

  2. Aw, your babies are adorable. Good luck with the house. That is so stressful...the waiting!

  3. Good luck with the sale of your house and I'm so sorry about Brody. We had to put our Jasmine to sleep last month. She was 17 yrs. old.

  4. So sorry about Brody!. He reminds me of my kitty... BTW was his urinating due to FUS? My other cat had it when he was 8 yrs. old.. The vet says its common in male cats..We had to put our male cat down because his urinating got really bad!and he was miserable as well!.

  5. I'm really, really sorry about Brody. Our baby crossed the rainbow bridge a few years ago. I was a bucket of tears for weeks. Chena was 21 years old. I felt like I'd lost a child.

    Good luck with the sale of your house. I'm sure the right person will find you.

  6. Sorry to hear about Brody and good luck with your house hunting

  7. Thanks everyone!

    @ Kalei...what is FUS?

  8. Feline Urinary Syndrome... it affects male cats- gives them the urge to urinate.. our cat was under special diet as well as meds..once the second baby came home, maybe it was jealousy or the cat just was getting worse... he started to pass blood.. his behavior was awful. he hissed at me... at the time my husband thought that the diet and meds weren't working... maybe it was timing of bringing the second baby home or the disease got worse? anyway- it was my husband's decision to put the cat down since he didn't know if the cat would act out on the baby or my older daughter... In a nutshell FUS seems to be like a bad UTI... (just my opinion).... The diet he was on had a higher percentage of ash.. he did fine till we brought the second baby home...

  9. here's a link
    there are countless others... we put our cat down in 1981 and i am sure they must of discovered other cures for this by now...

  10. I'm so sorry to hear about Brody, he was a cutie and you must be devastated.

    On a brighter note, your pictures are Great! I would need an anti nausea medication if I worked with your coworker! Geeeesh doesn't she feel a breeze?

  11. Best of luck with the sale of your home. It works differently here...when your offer is accepted, you have to go ahead, whether your own sells or not! People often sell first, rent for a few months or a year, then buy, which is a pain cos it involves 2 moves.
    Lol at the pic of your co-worker, I wouldn't like that view every time I turned round.

  12. @Kalei....Yes! That is exactly what he had! Thank you very much for the information! The vet did say it has to do with stress but we still can't figure out what stressed him since nothing has changed around here.

    @Shawn....she has to feel a breeze! lol that is very different where you live!

  13. I just noticed you stop meet me on mondays :(

  14. I hope you get an offer very quickly. I just went through what you're going through and it's not fun. At all. I guess you know we downsized recently and I can't tell you how happy I am. Good luck sweet friend.


  15. So sad about poor Brody. It's never easy to put down a pet, but you did the right thing.


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