Thursday, January 6, 2011

Poor poor deer.....

I had a day off on Tuesday!  At the company I work for if you work the day before a holiday, then you get to take another day off in the same pay period so I worked New Year's Eve and so I decided to take Tuesday off because Joe has off and we could spend the day together!

I woke up at my regular time on Tuesday because I still had to get Short ready for school.  After he got on the bus I did some blog reading until Joe got up.  We then headed out for breakfast at our favorite diner/restaurant where I ordered the pancakes I have been craving!  I ate every bite...and was even done before Joe!!

After that Joe dropped me off at Salvation Army (I LOVE to look there...I always find the best things) while he went to the gym.  I managed to find $45.00 worth of things and had a whole bag to show for it!  I got 3 pairs of was from Banana Republic that look like they were never worn for $5.99 which is a bargain compared to the normal price of $89.50!!  I also got a pair from Ann Taylor Loft for $4.99 and another pair for $3.99!  I got Short a Spyder fleece jacket for $4.99 that I was eying up on for $70.00!  I got an Under Armour jacket for $3.99, a pair of Aeropostale plaid sleep pants for $2.99, Adidas sweatpants for Tall for $3.99, American Eagle plaid sleep pants for Grande for $2.99 and a couple of pairs of shorts and some t-shirts!

Then we went next door and found carpet for our bedroom, the stairs, hallway and the boys rooms.  They are coming today to measure.  New carpet always makes everything seem new in the house!  We are getting a beige color throughout and it will look so much nicer in a neutral color!

We then went home and I took all the tags off the clothes and through them in the washer with a little extra detergent!  By then it was 1:30pm and my pancakes were wearing off and I was getting hungry so we decided to head to our favorite lunch place!  We both ordered the chopped salad with chicken and balsamic dressing and a large wheat pizza.  This place has the BEST salad and pizza I have ever eaten!  An hour later and not a crumb to be found!  I was so full but it was so good!  We would not be eating dinner that night!

We headed home but didn't quite want to end the day just yet so we decided to drive around and look at houses...something we love to do!  We went through this neighborhood near the restaurant that we had never seen before and saw some gorgeous houses!  We then headed in the direction of home and thought we would ride through the neighborhood we both grew up in which is only about 5 minutes from our house.

By then it was around 3:30pm and said we should head home as the boys would be getting home soon.  We were about 2 minutes from our house when I was going down a pretty steep hill (I was driving)....we were talking about the carpet and Joe must have been looking at me cause he didn't see it....but I did....right over Joe's the bottom of the hill...I saw a deer leap out of the woods and right into our car!  I screamed and all I heard was a bump...bump....."omg...I hit him" (although I think it was a doe)....and I looked into my rearview mirror and saw the deer roll and then got up an ran.....Joe said, "I didn't even see it"....but then he saw it in the mirror too.....I started crying and Joe's all worried about the car having damage which was the last thing on my mind!  He said for me to pull into a parking lot at the top of the hill.  I pulled in and put my hands up to my face and started bawling.  Joe got out to look at the damage and walks around several times and gets back into the car.   "I can't believe it"...he says....."there's not a scratch!"

I was sobbing sitting there thinking about the poor deer and if he was hurt.  Joe suggested we go back and look which made me cry even harder.  I couldn't go look!  What if she was laying there....alive...and hurt!!  I couldn't do it!  Joe said for me to stay there and he would walk back and look himself.

I watched Joe get smaller and smaller in my rearview mirror....the smaller he got the sadder I got thinking about what he was going to find.  Joe eventually disappeared out of the mirror and so I no longer had the comfort of seeing him.  I sat there feeling so sad for that deer and I looked down and watched the tears make a wet mark on jeans thinking how happy the day was and how quickly it can turn unhappy.

What seemed like hours and was probably only 5 - 10 minutes, I could finally see Joe appear again in the mirror.  His head hung low and and my tears got bigger......

He got in the car and sat there for a couple of minutes....

"I don't see him Java....I looked everywhere...."

"Did you look into the woods?"


"On both sides...cause she could have run into either side?"

"I did Java....nothing...I don't see anything...I walked all over"

He tried to cheer my up and said that I should be thankful that there was nothing wrong with the car AND the deer wasn't lying down there. 

But I couldn't.....

I thought about it all night.  Thinking the deer was hurt.  Lying in the woods in pain.  I felt so awful.

Then I thought maybe Joe did see the deer lying down there and he just didn't tell me.....I asked him...sure did....and he swears he didn't see it anywhere....

I can't get it out of my mind.  People hit deer everyday...some even deliberately and don't think twice about it.  But its me...the one who takes bugs out of the house instead of killing them......the one who would rather wreck the car and avoid hitting an animal.....

Oh poor, poor deer....I am so sorry and I hope you are ok.....


  1. People hit deer daily around here but I am so thankful that I never have....yet.

    Other than that, it sure sounds like you have a wonderful day with your hubs.

  2. Oh goodness, I'm sorry your day ended like that but, aside from that it did sound like a perfect day off!

    I think, because there was no damage at all to your car, the little guy is probably ok. Maybe it nicked his foot a little or caught the back of him. I reversed into a wall once, just a little tap, and it felt a lot worse than it was!

    Happy thoughts!!!

  3. I'm sorry, how awful.I would be the same way, losing sleep and thinking the worst. Since there wasn't a mark on the car she probably really is okay.

  4. I know how awful you must feel but I agree with the others, if you do not have any damage on your car, she is probably OK. I hit a prarie dog a couple of years ago and I felt terrible. The little booger started across the road, turned around, then as I got closer, he tried to run across my path..poor little guy.
    It sounds like you had a perfect day with Joe and you got some great bargins. I love shopping at the thrift store and finding the great bargains.

  5. Other than the deer part, the day sounds amazing!

    According to what I've heard, the deer is most likely just fine. Apparently they can take quite a punch. So, try not to worry.

  6. Oh, what a horrible way to end a lovely day! But as others have pointed out, the deer was probably okay if there was no damage to your car. And you are very lucky too, in our area there are often people killed by deer as they come right through the windshield. My husband has a towing business and has had to bring in completely totalled cars many times as a result of deer accidents. So thankful you and Joe were not hurt! And honestly, if your car has no damage, the deer probably just got bruised and will recover alright. I haven't hit an animal yet but dread the day that I do. I once found a dead bird on my grill and cried because I felt so badly that I had been responsible for its death. :(

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    I live in a small rural town and had to drive through farmland daily to go to work (1 hr one way) before I retired (from teaching). I have hit 5 deer and killed 4 (because I drove a big truck). There was major damage to my vehicle each time but, like you I cried because of the deer. Out here we grow them big and there are herds of them all over. Since they are usually out and about at day break and sun down we see them frequently. I drove to work early and came home late... ... ...

    Each time I called the highway patrol and they had the game warden look for the deer (3 limped away and those 3 died). I felt awful. To this day, whenever I see any animal dead by the roadside I ask God to forgive us for what we have done and continue to do to his creations. I pray that the animal died quickly and that they did not suffer (actually God has already taken care of that because severely injured animals go into instant shock).

    I hit these deer even though I was watching for them, had deer whistles on my truck and through high (deer) traffic areas put my emergency flashers on. I even honked my horn frequently through areas I knew to be dangerous. But still I hit 5. I am so glad I am not driving that route any more.

    I, too, put insects & spiders out the door. In fact #92 (tomorrows blog) illustrates that. I will be on Follow Friday.

  9. You & I are one in the same I think. I take a back road to & from work, & there are also unfortunate little animals laying around. It breaks my heart everyday. And I have already slammed on my breaks with people beind me on this windy back road to avoid hitting a little animal. I'm sure I'll be the cause of an a accident someday, but it's just reflex.

  10. Oh, Java, I feel your pain! I ran over a turtle one time (thought it was nothing) and called The Man begging to bring it home and see if he could 'fix' it. I cried for days and didn't drive for weeks. It broke my heart.

  11. I once hit a deer while driving in rural Maryland... actually the deer hit me. He bounced off the side of my car and took off running. My car had no damage. Your deer is most likely OK, probably just bruised.

  12. You wouldn't believe how many times they get up, shake it off, and keep on going. They are terribly resilient.Glad your car had no damage. A deer just put $1500 damage on hubby's truck.

  13. Oh that had to be dreadful! I cannot imagine. I would be the same as you.

    I am glad the car is okay. I hope, as you do, that the deer is as well.

  14. Well,maybe the deer was ok,their pretty tough!We have lots of deer in this area,too many! But they sure are pretty,so sorry,blessings Jane

  15. I love shopping at thrift stores and getting name brand clothing for almost nothing. And when the tags are still attached, it's even better!! Sorry to hear about the deer. I hope it's all well.

    :-) Susan

  16. Sounds like a good day...right up to the accident with the deer. Hopefully she was just stunned and is okay.

  17. I'm like Joanie. I grew up in rural MD and was hit by a deer years ago. As I was driving by a house at dusk, a deer that had apparently been laying in the yard leapt up and ran straight into the side of my car. I just felt the car get slammed and then saw a flash of brown in the rear view mirror. I turned around and drove back to our house (less than a mile) and it wasn't until I got out and looked at the car that I realized what had really happened. I have no idea what happened to the deer- based on the damage to the car I've feared the worst and hoped for the best. All I can say is that it happens. While it's a misery when it does happen (I swerve all over the place to avoid squirrels, groundhogs, chipmunks, etc.) it happens and unfortunately, we simply do our best.

  18. You reacted the same exact way I would've!! I'm sure the deer is fine. It never would've been able to get up as quickly as it did if it wasn't. If the legs are okay then the poor baby will be fine. I would say a prayer that God watches over him/her and that's the best you can do. I'm sending you a hug!! :)

    ~ Wendy

  19. I'm sorry your heart hurts.Comforting thoughts being sent your way.

  20. Sorry about the deer accident. I love Salvation Army and Goodwill too. You can find the most amazing stuff there. I love it when people tell me they just love whatever it is I have on and then I get to say Hey me too and I only paid $1 (or two) for it. Love it.


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