Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday Beauty Tips! 5 Skin Oaths You Won't Regret!

Kudos to you! You are exercising and eating healthy, but to hit a healthy home run, pay attention to your skin: It's the body's largest organ and it has an enormous effect in your psyche(when your skin looks good, you feel good). Becoming intimately familiar with your skin might even save you from diseases.
New year can mean an all new YOU!

Commit to these changes:

* I will take care of my neck: Like your face, your neck is vulnerable to UV damage. Protect it with sunscreen daily, along with your chest and hands.
* I will not wash with hot water: High temperature strip skin of its natural oils, causing dryness and irritation. If you don't want to give up hot showers, cleanse your face first with lukewarm water( and keep it out of the shower stream).
* I will not exercise with make-up on: Cosmetics and sweat clog pores more than sweat alone causing breakouts and enlarged pores.
* I will get an annual skin exam: See a dermatologist yearly to check for any moles that have changed color or texture or to examine other lesions that might signal skin cancer.
* I will update my beauty products: Each product category has its own shelf life, based on its ingredients and preservatives.


MASCARA: Every six months.

SUNSCREEN: It's usually effective for up to 3 years when stored correctly(high temperature render it ineffective); check the expiry date on the bottle.

ANTI-AGERS: Ingredients like retinoids and AHAs are effective for 3 months to a year. Anti-oxidants like Vitamin C last about 6 months once opened.


  1. Great tips...but how to make myself adhere to them...LOL

  2. Thanks for the reminder, I already put on some makeup and was about to walk on my treadmill, I will remove it!

  3. You reminded me to replace my mascara. I am terrible about replacing it! I know I must do it.

    I have suffered terrible skin problems lately- blotchy, acne, etc. I never had bad skin as a teen. I think my excessive overwork has hurt my skin.

  4. Thanks for the tips. I love your blog and your genuine interest in your readers. Gods blessings
    to you and yours.

  5. Thanks for all the reminders and putting the information out there. I neglected seeing a dermatologist for years and when I went I sure did pay the price.... all as a result of not wearing sunscreen when I was younger. I'm gonna run now... have some things I need to throw away!

  6. Sun block is a must!!! I had a dime size skin graft on my NOSE!!!! last year. I am a slacker about wearing a hat but that'll help those fair haired peeps out there too.

  7. Good tips! I am guilty of 3 of those, BUT I do work on them... the hot water, working out with makeup on and annual skin exams. Oops!

  8. I follow most of them and more. When I was a teenager my mother sent me to modeling school to try and make a young lady out of me (I was such a Tom-boy). It worked and I learned a lot of tips about makeup and skin care. They have really paid off.

    I encourage your readers to follow your tips, NOW, and not wait another day.


  9. "Kudos to you! You are exercising and eating healthy: .. Uh oh... you found out didn't you.. ok, who told you???? I've not been exercising and eating healthy? Hmmm.. well, I did have mixed vegetables with dinner and some delicious clementines at lunch, so that counts right??

    Seriously though, great tips.. and yes.. I'm going to actually start using that treadmill in my basement instead of using it as a clothes dryer..

  10. Great tips! Thanks! I need to pay more attention to my neck and chest!

  11. Good tips. You've inspired me to try harder to stick to the "no makeup" rule at the gym -- it's SO hard there, with all those *&^%*&^ mirrors everywhere! (Not to mention the awful lighting.... and beautiful young things working out). Ah, well, soon it will be spring and I can go outdoors!

  12. I always love your Tuesday beauty tip posts.

  13. Hi Java! Thanks for the great tips. Just wondering about the anti-aging products. Do you know how long the shelf life is if they are unopened. Meaning I have some product for about a few years that I haven't even opened yet....


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