Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Weekend...

What a busy weekend we had. Venti was home but was hardly "home"...I didn't even cook once the whole weekend because he wasn't here! He spent most of the weekend at Mocha's house...mainly because of Latte. He found out that she has been going to a fertility specialist so that she can harvest her eggs and so she won't be starting chemo for another 2 weeks! He said that the doctor said that after she's had a couple of chemo treatments is when they will be able to tell more about the cancer. He said that they will make a decision then as to whether they decide to get married in October or wait until next year. I have mixed feeling about that! Joe and I did not want him rushing into marriage so soon after he graduates from College (in May)...we had many lengthy discussions with him about waiting. He was so adamant about it and so we finally decided to just accept it as it didn't seem to matter what WE wanted! After we got use to the idea and it all sunk in, we started to get excited about it. So now after all of that it may come down to them waiting after all!

So anyhow, back to the weekend. Joe had off which was so nice! His regular days off are Sunday & Monday and so he took off Friday and Saturday and we had a super nice longggggg weekend together! Friday we took Short to Friendly's for dinner and then we had tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters! Short was born in 2000 and the Globetrotters gave every child that was born that year free tickets for life! The show was great and we had a wonderful time! Short got autographs and a basketball!!

Saturday and Sunday were spent re-doing 2 of our bathrooms!!! We got new counter tops 3 weeks ago and now they needed painted, new carpets, lights, drawer hardware, drapes, etc. We went from pink counter tops to this:

And from green counter tops to this:

Getting up and down the ladder and still feeling it 2 days later really makes me feel like I'm not 20 any more and I don't like that!! Or it tells me that I'm out of shape! Ugh I hate this age thing!

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