Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Hair Down There...

This is a rarity! Its just me and the cats at home! I can hear things in the house that I didn't hear before! Joe, Grande & Tall are at work, Short is at his cousin's house and Venti is away at school! I can't believe I have the house to what did I do??

Spent 90% of the time on the computer.

Spent the other 10% plucking gray hairs out of my head!

I was supposed to get my hair highlighted yesterday but I re-scheduled for next Thursday so that I could go with Joe to the doctors. But boy do I need to get my hair done. I usually go every 7 weeks and that's pushing it so it will be over 8 weeks till I go.

That is how I can see every single gray hair...they just stand at attention...shouting out to me..."look've got alot of these"...I even found one in my eyebrow this morning! Ewwwww...and I'm not even to going to mention where else they are probably lurking but I don't know cause I make sure that it doesn't get to the point that I can see them.......!

Now you know how I am about age, but honestly this is not because I think it will make it look younger down there! We don't have to look down to determine that we are grown-ups! I realize that not everyone does this..some trim, some shave, some do nothing!

Omg...did I just talk about that?? Well you don't have to be 20 to landscape your va jay jay!

I mean seriously...when we reach a certain age should we stop grooming the kitty?

I do it...and I like it!

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