Monday, February 8, 2010


When we woke up Saturday was to this:

We got 20 inches of snow here in PA...way too much for me. I am not a fan of winter...I dislike it very much! I do not like being cold and when its cold I think about all the animals outside and it makes me sad. We have an outdoor kitty that's been hanging around for about 8 years and I have tried to make it the best I can for her out there but I know she still must be cold. I purchased a dog house..put in the warmest fleece sweaters for her to curl up on...but for some reason she prefers heavy boxes that I got at Sam's Club. I think because it keeps the heat in better for her the the dog house....I microwave her water so its not frozen. I cannot pet her as she doesn't let us but she has gotten use to us enough that if we are sitting outside she will rub against our legs, but she will not let us touch her. She was obviously someone's cat because she is fixed as she's never had a litter of kittens. We have named her "Girlfriend" because all my cats are male and she is female and when she sits on top of her dog house (I have it against our house so that its not out in the elements) I call to our cats, "Girlfriend is here!"...and they come running. They rub their heads against the window and she returns the favor!

Well on Friday, Girlfriend didn't look so good...and I figured out why:

I know its hard to see, but that is a HUGE Raccoon in Girlfriends bed! And it looks l like she tried to tell him that was her bed and he must have bit her. Her back has a huge open sore and she is missing tons of fur around that area. She can hardly walk. Somehow she managed to walk next door to my Mom's house..right before the storm. My Mom also takes care of her and has a dog house as well for her. I saw her last night when we were at my Mom's to watch the Superbowl. She looks terrible. My Mom is upset about her, I'm upset..everyone at the party was upset. She was sitting outside on my Mom's 15 degree weather with her back looking the way it was...shivering...the day after a major snowstorm...on a Sunday.

My Dad is planning on trapping her today and taking her to the Humane Society.
She should not have to suffer like that.

I just hope he can catch her....

Poor Girlfriend...

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