Sunday, February 14, 2010

Friend or Parent?

Why is it like pulling teeth to get my boys to do any chores? Probably because I've always just done it for them! Its our own fault. We've never enforced any rules or chores and now if we ask them to do something they act like we are asking for the world! Not all of them...Venti will do more then his share when he is home and Grande doesn't complain, but boy oh boy Tall is the one. As you know we got 2 snow storms here within 4 days. Last Thursday the plow finally made it to our neighborhood. Joe had already snow blowed our driveway and sidewalks and left for work. Once the plow did come through it left a pile of snow at the base of our STEEP driveway. I thought to myself, "I have 2 teenage boys here and I should not have to go out and shovel"...after all I did shovel after the first storm and fell UP the driveway and I still have a scab on my knee!!!

So I tell Grande and Tall to please go out and shovel the snow off the bottom of the driveway...what did I get? Well Tall went "hoodie" on me:

See what I mean? You can just see the look of hating life on his face! When they came in Grande said that Tall hardly shoveled and he did most of the work...The pictures tell all...

That's what I get...trying to be their friend instead of their parent! Does anyone else have this same issue in their house?

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