Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dorothy I'm Not!

Sandy blew threw here and did quite some damage but nothing compared to those in New Jersey and New York and for that I am thankful! I was off of work for 2 days which was nice but that was the only bonus when it came to the storm. We only lost power for a little while and all the food/batteries/ice/flashlights were purchased just in case as you never know when it comes to a hurricane!

We have not had any bites on our house yet which is a little discouraging. I guess I is just a bad time of the year. We did lower the price a little hoping that would get some showings but it didn't. I have a feeling that something just isn't right because my Dad is our realtor and we live next door to my parents. Last Saturday we were at a friends 50th birthday party and my Dad had a couple of glasses of wine and I asked him if he has had any calls about the house and he said, "well I did have one call but they wanted to see it right away and I said no!".....I was like "what!!??"....he said that he didn't "have time"....I said, "Dad, if you don't have time then just let us know and we can show it!"...he then changed the subject....hmmm...I know they don't want us to move but we have to financially and we are in a hard situation since he is our realtor. Sigh....I told my Mom and she said she didn't know anything about it. Either she doesn't or she is just going along with him! We already have a contract on another house but it is contingent on us selling ours. Someone could come along and purchase that one before we end up selling ours! :(

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Happy Veteran's Day and I have the day off tomorrow which I am really looking forward to because I will be the only one home!  Hehe....the kids all have school and Joe works!  Yippee!  I won't know how to act!


  1. As far as your house, yes holiday time and tax season are the worse times to have a house on the market...also, landscape business is slow as well!.

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  2. I am glad you and your family are safe. My heart breaks for those in New York and New Jersey.

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  4. Fingers crossed you get an offer soon!

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